Understanding Why Residential Marble Flooring Requires A Commitment From You

You may like the look of marble in your home and want to use it in your home. Many people have completely transformed kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas with marble flooring. However, you should understand that using marble is a commitment. Here's a look at what you're committing to when you choose marble flooring. Commit to Keeping Your Marble Protected Real marble is a high maintenance substance. You must commit yourself to making sure that it stays in good condition.

Want To Install Hardwood Flooring? Important Things To Consider

If you are purchasing hardwood flooring to have installed throughout your home, you want to make the best style choice for your property. Hardwood flooring can last for a century if you take care of it over time, and there are some things to consider when picking up the wood to make sure that the stain and style you choose doesn't go out of style. You also want to choose the highest quality materials and prepare the area where the wood will be put down properly to help improve longevity.

For Your Consideration: Six Kinds Of Carpet Currently Sold At A Carpet Store

When you decide to replace your carpeting or wood floors with new carpet, you will probably do what everyone else does-visit a carpet store. However, once you get there, you may be quite overwhelmed by the numerous choices available to you. Here are six kinds of carpet currently sold in carpet stores. Berber This type of carpeting is extremely low-pile. In fact, one could argue it has no-pile at all. Its loops are tightly woven and the tuft ends are tucked back into the backing so that nothing soft an fuzzy pokes up.

How To Choose Outdoor Tile For Your Porch Or Patio

Tile made from porcelain, ceramic, concrete or natural stone can be a great addition to any space thanks to its natural strength and durability, low maintenance and versatility. These features also make tile a solid choice for outdoor spaces, such as porches, patios and other areas designed for outdoor living. Of course, not every indoor tile will work outdoors, and choosing the wrong tile could mean ugly cracks and stains as well as dangerously slippery surfaces for family and visitors.

5 Steps To Achieving A Distressed Look On Your Wooden Floors

So, you love the look of old, distressed wood floors, but your home's wood floors are anything but worn and distressed. Does this mean that, in order to achieve that rustic look, you need to replace your flooring entirely? Not necessarily! With the right tools and technique (along with a weekend of your time), you can transform your existing wooden floors to achieve that aged, distressed look that you love. Just follow some simple steps.