How To Prevent A Mess When Refinishing Your Wood Floors

Are you not satisfied with how your wood floors are looking, but you're worried about the refinishing process creating a mess? If so, it will help to follow these tips to make the job as clean as possible.

Seal Off Air Vents

The first thing you'll want to do is make sure that all of your HVAC system's air vents are sealed off prior to doing any sanding work. You can do this by taking some plastic and taping it over the vent so that nothing can get inside of it. It is important that you do this on the main air vents as well as the returns. Just make sure that the system is shut off so that the plastic covers don't get blown off by accident. This will prevent the need for costly air duct cleaning afterward, which can be avoided entirely with a little prep work.

Seal Off Rooms

You can also make sure that no dust leaves the room you are working on by sealing them off prior to doing any sanding. Much like with the air vents, you can cover the door frames with plastic that covers the entire entrance way. If dust does get into the air, it will at least be trapped in the room you are working on rather than make its way into other rooms of the house.

Use Dustless Sanding Equipment

If you have a choice over the kind of equipment that you use to sand down the floors, you'll want to use dustless sanding equipment whenever possible. While this equipment does not leave the room completely free of dust, it will do a really great job of sucking up the dust as it is created from the sanding equipment. 

Clean With A HEPA Filter Vacuum

When it comes time to start cleaning up the dust that is in the room, you'll want to make sure you are using the right kind of vacuum. You'll need to use one that has a HEPA filter, which will do a better job at not causing dust to get back into the air after you suck it up.

Hire Professional Help

If you want to ensure that you do not leave a mess behind when sanding your floors, then hire a wood floor refinishing professional to get the job done for you. They have the expertise when it comes to floor refinishing and the equipment to minimize messes.