Real Vs. Fake Terrazzo Flooring

A common phrase used by those who are considering terrazzo is "real terrazzo." This is supposed to be a type of terrazzo that is considered more authentic. However, what is usually referred to as "real terrazzo" is nothing more than terrazzo that looks perfect on the day it was originally installed and continues to look beautiful long afterward. Real terrazzo is also not factory-made but instead is created with the use of epoxy or cement. 

Terrazzo Is Unique

One of the main reasons why terrazzo slabs are chosen over other types of flooring is that they look very different from every other type of floor. If you are tired of your home looking like every other home, you may be better off with terrazzo slabs over tile, carpeting, or hardwood flooring. 

Both Concrete and Epoxy Terrazzo Are Examples of Real Terrazzo

When terrazzo slabs are properly installed, they will look beautiful and seamless. To make your terrazzo slabs last a long time without cracking, you'll want to use the right type of terrazzo based on where the slab will be placed. The problem with epoxy terrazzo is that it will often crack when it is placed in an area with high foot traffic. Therefore, it's better to use cement terrazzo slabs in these areas. However, some cracks are unavoidable, regardless of the foot traffic, because the cracks are inherent to the material. 

There are some advantages to epoxy terrazzo floors. For one, this type of floor looks brighter. If you would like a custom color, this can be achieved with epoxy terrazzo floors. They also tend to be more chemical-resistant than concrete terrazzo. Regardless of which type you choose, both types are considered to be real terrazzo floors.

Terrazzo Floors Still Need to be Professionally Installed

Regardless of the type of terrazzo slab that you have put in place, if you want your slab to look great, you will want to hire a professional flooring installation specialist. That way, your terrazzo will be put in place in a manner that looks great. It is not a product that you should consider installing on your own. 

Real terrazzo will give your home a more classic look. If you are looking to replicate a home that is from the 1970s, it is a great option. But also, if you simply feel nostalgia for an older type of flooring, terrazzo is the right option. 

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