How To Protect Hardwood Flooring From Scratching

Hardwood flooring is a symbol of luxury, and will create a warm and homey environment in the rooms that it is installed in. Hardwood flooring is also extremely durable, and can withstand a heavy amount of foot traffic without fading or breaking down. However, hardwood floorboards are susceptible to scratching and cutting in the event that they are exposed to heavy weights or sharp edges, which can leave unsightly marks and lines cut into your flooring. Being aware of this possibility, and the things that you can do to prevent such surface damage from occurring, can help you maintain the overall appearance of your hardwood floors for as long as possible.

Furniture Pads

One of the simplest yet most important things that you should do to reduce the risk of scratching to hardwood floors is to place pads under the legs of your heavy furniture. Chairs, couches, and tables all carry enough weight that they can cut into the surface of hardwood floors if they are moved or dragged at all, and pads can help blunt sharp edges and distribute weight over a slightly larger area, reducing the risk of cuts appearing. You should also always avoid dragging furniture across your floors; though it requires more effort, be sure to lift up items and carry them to their new location to spare your floors.

Dusting and Sweeping

Another simple yet effective way to reduce the amount of scratching that your hardwood floors are exposed to is by sweeping and dusting your floors on a regular basis. Dust, dirt, rocks, and other small, hard pieces of debris can cut into the surface of your floors if you walk over them, especially if you are wearing shoes. By removing these particles, you can prevent minute scratches and cuts from dulling the finish of your floors and stripping away the top protective layer of stain from your floorboards.

Doormats and Rugs

In a somewhat related vein to the above point, you should place small doormats and throw rugs in areas that are at particularly high risk of being exposed to pieces of debris. Doormats around entranceways give your family and guests the chance to wipe their shoes and remove debris before they have the chance to track it all over your flooring. Furthermore, placing area rugs underneath heavy items of furniture is an effective way to place padding under their legs, as mentioned earlier.

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