Two Ways To Update Your Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to kitchen remodels, the cabinets are the first thing you need to look at. That is, if you want to completely redefined the look of your kitchen, you need to start with the cabinets because they are the most important style feature. Once you design your new cabinets, you can invest in new appliances that will complement them. That being said, cabinet replacement is extremely expensive. If you want to update your cabinets, you might need to think about how you can keep down the overall cost of the project. This article explains to two alternatives to cabinet replacement.

Change the Stain on Your Cabinets

In some cases, homeowners will be happy just to apply a new finish to their cabinets. That is, changing the stain of your on your wood can actually have a big impact on how your entire cabinet system works. This is a job that you can do yourself by removing the doors and drawers and staining them separately. Then, you sand the cabinet box. However, many people aren't satisfied with this and want to alter their style more comprehensively.

Refacing Your Cabinets With New Doors, Drawers, and Molding

Another great way to improve your cabinets and bring the style up to date is to replace the doors, drawers, and molding. These three features are the most important style elements of any cabinet system. This is usually called "refacing". Most cabinet boxes are just square, plain, and don't have much design to them. It is really the doors, drawers, and molding that define how the cabinet is going to look.

As long as your cabinet boxes are in good shape, you can have professionals, like those at All  Floors And More, install new doors and drawers that are going to not only change the way that your kitchen looks, but also make it far more functional. They can use self closing hinges and weight-bearing sliders that to make everything easier to use. Along with new molding and a new stain finish, these can drastically change the way that your kitchen looks. Your cabinets will be unrecognizable (in a good way) if you reface them.

Refacing your cabinets is obviously going to be far more expensive project than simply reply restaining the wood. However, both projects are going to be just a fraction of the cost of replacing your entire cabinet system. So, they are cost-effective and worthwhile upgrades.