Granite Tile Floor Maintenance Tips

An igneous rock formed by volcanic activity, granite makes a strong and durable flooring option. Not only are granite tiles resilient and long lasting, they're also attractive and will blend flawlessly with any home decor scheme. 

Granite tile is versatile in that it comes in a wide range of colors, such as traditional grey, brown, black, and tan, as well as unexpected green and vibrant blue. You can also find tiles featuring color combinations of black and grey, green and white, red and black, and yellow and grey, among many others. No matter what style of home you have, you'll have no problem finding granite tile to complement it. 

Natural granite flooring will work well in any room of your house, from the living room, to a formal dining room, to the master bedroom. It's also a smart choice if you have kids and/or pets, since it's easy to clean and disinfect. Although it doesn't take much effort to keep granite tile looking and performing its best, regularly maintaining and cleaning it will ensure it lasts as long as possible.

Here are some tips for protecting your granite flooring investment:

Daily Basis

1. Wipe Up Spills ASAP 

As soon as you notice any liquid or food spills, wipe them up using a clean, absorbent cloth, such as a microfiber rag, as soon as possible. Not only will it prevent a slip-and-fall accident, but it will also protect your tiles from staining, especially if it's a dark product, such as red wine, on light-colored granite tiles.

2. Sweep 

While you may not need to sweep granite tile in every room of your house on a daily basis, consider running a broom over high-traffic areas regularly. Doing so will remove any debris, such as pebbles, stones, sticks, or even pieces of mud, that could potentially scratch the natural stone. 

Consider having family members and guests take their shoes off before entering your home, or consider placing a mat at the front door to avoid tracking in damaging debris.

Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Basis

1. Mop

 Depending on how busy your home is, wet-mop your granite tiles on either a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis to get rid of any hard-to-remove spills or residue. Use a liquid cleaner that is approved for use on granite, and use a gentle nylon brush to work out any stubborn debris in between tiles.

2. Seal the Tiles

At least once a year, consider sealing your granite tiles to keep the flooring shiny and beautiful, and consider giving it a protective coating. Allow the sealant to fully cure for the recommended amount of time before walking on the tile.

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