The Advantages Of Engineered Wood Flooring

Adding wood floors to your home is a great way to class it up. If you want wood floors that look natural but also low maintenance, you should look into engineered hardwood. These flooring planks are modular and prefinished so they are ready for quick installation. This is why they are so popular and easy to find at home improvement stores. You can find a wide range of wood species, styles and stain colors in packaged kits. This article explains why engineered floors are great for homeowners who plan to self install.

Different Wood Options

Engineered floors can be found in all the most popular wood species. Whether you want oak, maple, cherry, walnut or bamboo, you can find an engineered product. The defining characteristic of an engineered flooring plank is that the wood is layered and only the top layer of wood is actually hardwood. The lower layers are made out cheaper composite woods. The layers are glued together with lightweight epoxies. This reduces the weight and price of the planks. The weight becomes a huge issue if you are transporting, carrying and installing your own flooring.

Engineered Products are Flexible

The design of layered engineered planks make them ideal for installation on older properties. They are more flexible than solid hardwood planks. Often, when you remove the exiting floor, whether it be tile, linoleum or hardwood, there could be adhesive still stuck to the subfloor. Flexible engineered planks can bend right over these small differences in the subfloor.

Engineered Products are Easy to Install

Engineered flooring planks are made with a modular, interlocking design. They basically have a tongue and groove on each individual plank. They can basically snap together with hardly any tools. They snap together by hand, and then you lightly tap them snug with a rubber mallet. The most technical part of the job is cutting the planks to the right length and width. You will need a compound miter saw and handheld circular saw to make all the cuts. The job will be easier if you have 3 or 4 people working on it. You can quickly cover large flooring sections with enough workers and the right engineered product.

Engineered products basically look just like solid hardwood products. Most people cannot even tell the difference. Since they are also so much cheaper, it is easy to see why engineered floors are so popular in all types of floors. For more information, contact a floor installation service.