Want To Install Hardwood Flooring? Important Things To Consider

If you are purchasing hardwood flooring to have installed throughout your home, you want to make the best style choice for your property. Hardwood flooring can last for a century if you take care of it over time, and there are some things to consider when picking up the wood to make sure that the stain and style you choose doesn't go out of style. You also want to choose the highest quality materials and prepare the area where the wood will be put down properly to help improve longevity. Look at the following options of materials for your floor.

The Distressed Look

If you don't want any scratches or wearing to show on the wood flooring, pick a wood flooring that is a little distressed. There are many great stain options that vary from traditional honey oak, to the rustic grey barn wood floor look. These blend and hide scratches and dents that occur in the flooring over time.

Multi-Tonal Options

Instead of one straight shade throughout the house, you can get hardwood options that have different lighter and darker shades blended together. This makes it easy to match different colors of trim throughout the house, or to update the trim color over time. If someone wants to update the trim from honey oak to white, or a darker option, it won't be hard when they don't have to match a specific stain.

Water Absorbent Padding

It's worth the money to pay for a high quality underlayment to go under the wood, so that the wood doesn't absorb moisture. Not only will this repel spills, it will also help minimize sound on floors below the surface, and reduce surface traffic. There are different thicknesses and options, and the thicker the padding, the more it will cost you.

Always have wood flooring installed by a reputable professional hardwood flooring company to prevent errors, and to ensure that they are installed in a proper way. Some hardwood supplies may require that you have the hardwood floors installed by their installation experts to validate the warranty on the product. If you know you are ready to update the floors in your home and you want to make the great investment of choosing hardwood flooring, get a few quotes and look at all the stain options before you make a choice. Choosing a great product like real hardwood flooring improves the look and value of your home.