For Your Consideration: Six Kinds Of Carpet Currently Sold At A Carpet Store

When you decide to replace your carpeting or wood floors with new carpet, you will probably do what everyone else does-visit a carpet store. However, once you get there, you may be quite overwhelmed by the numerous choices available to you. Here are six kinds of carpet currently sold in carpet stores.


This type of carpeting is extremely low-pile. In fact, one could argue it has no-pile at all. Its loops are tightly woven and the tuft ends are tucked back into the backing so that nothing soft an fuzzy pokes up. Berber is your go-to carpet choice for offices and homes where you want a low-maintenance carpet because very little gets caught in its fibers and it rarely needs professional cleaning.


This is short, slightly fuzzy carpet. It has a slight, soft texture, but it is not dense or fluffy by any means. You may prefer it if you want more softness to your carpet than Berber but less than the next pile-type up from here.


Medium-pile carpet is the carpet most homeowners choose. It is soft enough on the bare feet to be enjoyable yet less troublesome to clean than high-pile or shag. When you lay down on this type of carpet, you can see the individual yarn strands and feel the fibers, which have either a slightly scratchy to extremely soft feel depending on their textile composition.


This carpet option is extremely soft, fluffy and luxurious. Often, very thick carpet padding is installed under the carpet during a carpet installation to make the high-pile carpet even softer and more comfortable than it already is. It is more difficult to keep clean, but if you do not have any kids or pets and want super-comfy carpet under your feet, this is the carpet type for you. It is the last contemporary carpet option before modern and retro shag, which you may not like at all.

Retro or Reclaimed Shag

This is shag carpet from the seventies. Typically what happens is that carpet stores rip out old carpet, and if it is in semi-decent condition and/or can be restored, the store owner may repurpose the shag carpet because retro is always hot. The store owner will have this original shag carpet professionally cleaned and then sell it as a remnant to customers. Just be aware that it has all of the stain and cleaning issues that carpet from this era has always had before you choose to buy it and have it installed.

Contemporary Shag

This is the highest pile carpet you can buy (aside from retro/reclaimed shag). The difference here is that contemporary shag has been redesigned and re-engineered to look retro but resists stains and ground-in dirt like other modern carpet. The fibers are taller than high-pile carpet, but usually shorter than retro/reclaimed shag so you can have the look of retro with fewer cleaning headaches.