4 Ways To Protect Your Flooring From Scratches And Scuffs

If you're installing nice, shiny, smooth laminate flooring, you must take steps now to protect the surface from scratches and scuffs. Do not wait until the first problem appears. If you let scratches or scuffs form, then any water-resistant layer on the flooring (if that's the type you've gotten) will be breached. Spills and even small droplets can soak into the core of the board and cause warping or mildew. Full-on protection now can save you a lot of trouble later.

Moving Items

If you have to move something that's so heavy that you can't lift it up, you need to place something under the item. Use plastic sheeting, a bedsheet, or a large piece of cardboard. Pull the item along by pulling the edges of the plastic or sheet, or by pushing the item on cardboard as if the cardboard were a sled. If you use cardboard, ensure there are no hidden staples, rough edges, or other things that could potentially scratch the floor.

For really heavy items, lift each corner of the item a few inches up and push the material under that edge. Gradually work the material under all the feet or edges of the item.

Furniture Socks and Cushions

Even light furniture, like dining chairs, can create scratches. Place adhesive pads under the items so that they slide more smoothly across the floor and won't catch on the edges of the laminate planks.

You can also find little furniture socks that fit over narrow edges, like chair feet that are too small to handle the adhesive cushions. These may look a bit odd, but they protect your flooring quite well.

No Shoes Policy

Institute a no-shoes policy past your front door. Small rocks and twigs can get caught in the treads of shoes; pointy high heels can strike the flooring and create chips. And sports shoes with cleats need to be monitored closely. If you walk on the laminate floor with any of these, you risk leaving trails of microscopic surface damage.

Area Rugs

Accent rugs can be your friend when you have laminate flooring. From a large rug in front of the door (so that you can remove your shoes inside the house instead of taking them off outside) to rugs placed under furniture that can't take cushions or furniture socks, these swathes of cloth act as protective padding.

If you've got more questions about keeping laminate floors in scratch-free condition, talk to a flooring company like JLG Flooring about their preferred care processes.