Why Engineered Floors Are Great For Retail Stores

Raw wooden floors can add a lot of style to any retail store. However, they are not always the most practical solution. They are harder to clean and repair, and they are more expensive. If you own a retail business and want the look of hardwood, you need to choose a material that is more practical—like engineered wood. This article explains why engineered wood floors are more practical for retail stores.

Raw Hardwood is Harder to Maintain

Raw hardwood floors look great. That fact is indisputable. However, they are very hard to maintain. Wood is not naturally waterproof, and it is very susceptible to water damage. This means customers walking into your store with wet shoes can greatly damage your floor over time. Also, wood can create more dust, even if it is stained.

The biggest inconvenience with raw wood floors comes when it comes time to retain them. You will certainly need to refinish your floors over the years, especially if your store gets a lot of foot traffic. You will need to sand down the floor before applying a fresh coat of protective stain. This means you will need to basically close down your store for a few days, because the job can take a while. You need to sand, which takes a full day. Then, you need to apply a couple coats of stain. You usually need to wait a full day between each coat. The sawdust can be harmful to the stock, so you need to completely remove it from the room. If only to avoid this process, you should consider investing in engineered wood floors.

Perks of Engineered Floors

Engineered floors are laminated, so they never need to be restained. The laminate finish also gives them superior waterproofing. All you have to do to regularly maintain engineered floors is mop them with basic floor cleaners. The water will not damage or swell the wood.

Engineered floors are also better for businesses because they are cheaper at every level. The installation is much quicker, so it will cost your business less. At the same time, the low maintenance will save you a lot of money over the years, especially when you consider the price of shutting down your store for days while you refinish real hardwood floors.

Engineered floors look very similar to the real thing. They are definitely a great solution for retail store owners or manager who want to class up their store on a budget. Contact a company like Kenmark Hardwood Floors Inc to learn more.